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NDMC launches a series of thematic activities around ‘Swachhata’ to celebrate ‘Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’.

New Delhi: The Chairman – New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), Shri. Dharmendra launched a series of programme to celebrate 75 years of Indian Independence in the form of ‘Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ on theme of ‘Swachhata’ activities by starting a Plog-Run Drive with morning walkers inside and surrounding areas of Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi today early in the morning.

On the occasion, along with the Chairman NDMC, the Secretary, Dr. B.M. Mishra, Senior Officers of Public Health Department, Safai Sewak along with the hundreds of morning walkers, joggers, volunteers and other visitors participated in the Plog-Run Drive with full enthusiasm to make Swachhata movement successful.

Shri Dharmendra appealed to the citizens to inculcate a habit to pick the litters from the parks, gardens, pavements, lanes and surroundings of habitat areas, while walking and jogging in the morning and evening hours and make sure the litters should be dropped in the nearby dustbins, in order to make the city neat, clean and environment friendly. NDMC Chairperson further urged the people that they will neither litter nor let others to litter, so as to set an example for others to make the Plog-Run a daily routine in their life.

An exhibition -“Waste to Art” – displaying products made by waste has also been organised by the different NGOs at “Sirjan Art Corner” at Nehru Park, New Delhi. A Swachhata Rally to create awareness about “say no to – single use plastic” amongst the morning walkers and joggers has also been organised at Nehru Park today.

The Secretary Dr. Mishra informed that the thematic activities under “Swachh Bharat Mission” (SBM) on each day of the week, under overarching mandate of ‘Jan Bhagidari’ and large scale citizens participation will be carried out by NDMC in New Delhi area.

These activities on the theme of “Swachhata” include-(i) ‘Safaimitra Samman Samaroh’, (ii) ‘Kachra Alg Karo Amrit Diwas’, (iii) ‘Saarvjanik Shauhalaya Safai Jan Bhagidari Utsav’, (iv) ‘Felicitation of waste entrepreneurs’, (v)‘Field visits/Virtual visits for citizens to Waste Management facilities’, (vi)‘Waste to Art exhibitions/Bartan bandhars’, (vii)‘Plog run’ will be organised from 26th September to 2nd October, 2021 respectively ensuring maximum participation of  Citizenry .

To ensure the participation of School Children, NDMC is organizing, visits of students to waste converter for live observation of waste management after transportation of waste from door to door garbage collection from home.

To motivate the people for participation in the Swachhata activities, a rally of the Sanitary Staff would be organised by NDMC in association with Khan Market Association in the next week with the scope of other markets area.

To ensue participation of people by awakening through mass mobilization, various types of competitions on the theme of Swachhata would also be organised among waste entrepreneurs, citizens, small scale vendors and NGOs and would be given the ranking of best performing RWAs, MTAs, Officers, Hospitals, Schools and Hotels of NDMC area

 Before the 2nd October, NDMC will organise a felicitation event for  RWA, MTA, Entrepreneurs, citizens, participants and NDMC staff for their best efforts under Swachhata activities in New Delhi area.

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