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3 new variants of Covid-19 found in Portugal

LISBON | Three new variants of the virus have been detected in Portugal amid the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. A top health officer here has confirmed this. News agency Xinhua quoted João Paulo Gomez of the National Health Institute’s Department of Infectious Diseases, writing, “In this study conducted in collaboration with the Gulbenkian Institute of Science (IGC), we are now verifying that the second wave The variants I met were not in the first wave. “

Gomez said that 3 variants found in all regions of Portugal were mainly responsible for the second wave. He said that the virus is in the process of adaptation in humans because it has been a year since the virus has infected humans, so it is completely normal.

He also said, “No evidence has yet been found on the clinical method that these variants are more serious in terms of disease. But their increased transmission capacity may be responsible for the increase in cases.”

Let us tell you that in the last 24 hours, Portugal has recorded 4,602 new cases of coronavirus and 89 deaths. After this, the total number of cases here is 3,83,258 and the death toll is 6,343.

There have been reports of 3 new variants coming to Portugal after two new strains appeared in Britain.

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