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Binge Watch ‘An Action Hero’ For An Entertaining Mood For The Weekend!

Ayushmann Khurrana starrer ‘An Action Hero’ released on Dec 2, 2022 last year and garnered good reviews at the box office. Recently it released on an OTT platform and surpassed expectations. So much so that the audiences are encouraging other viewers to watch the film with their fabulous reviews.

The reviews dropped by users said,”#AnActionHero With great action sequences and by effortlessly delivering laughs in unexpected moments, ‘An Action Hero’ is a smartly written and well-shot action-comedy that’s entertaining from start to finish. Must-watch!”


Another user said,”#AnActionHero is so fun with no dull moments. Generates great fun out of the most unexpected situations with solid writing and great performances from Cushman and Jaideep, even though all the small roles made an impact. Loved it.'”

A user also wrote, “Arguably my favorite movie of 2022 is now live on Netflix. #AnActionHero

Catch it now if you’ve missed it”

A review also read,”#AnActionHero gets its quirkiness and impersonations of media personalities on point. @ayushmannk n @JaideepAhlawat’s tongue-in-cheek one-upmanship makes it an interesting watch. A cleverly written script that is ably executed. Out now on Netflix.”

A review also read,”#AnActionHero another different script selection from @ayushmannk n brilliant performance 👌 @JaideepAhlawat 👏 making is good 👍 storyline is interesting n gripping & good climax 🙌 loved the media part 😂 overall a good watchable @NetflixIndia”

These reviews will make you tap the play button & enjoy the brilliant script. One is sure to get entertained to the fullest with such amazing reviews.

Color Yellow Productions & Aanand L Rai have always back-to-back delivered phenomenal storylines. Their first venture in Marathi cinema titled ‘Aatma Pamphlet’ took an international trip to the Berlin Film Festival recently.

An Action Hero stars Ayushmann Khurrana & Jaideep Ahlawat in lead roles. The story revolves around an action hero & popular youth icon who falls from grace when he is caught up in a dramatic real-life incident that forces him to run for his life. The film is directed by Anirudh Iyer and produced by Aanand L Rai, Colour Yellow Productions, T Series, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar.

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