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Double mutants are now the most prevalent variants in India: report

New Delhi| Among all the mutant Covid-19 variants in India, the double mutated virus B1.617 is becoming the most prevalent. This is revealed in the genome sequencing data presented by Indian scientists in the global database.

The database showed that the double mutation virus, which has been found in many countries, has been found to be most common in 24 percent of samples during the 60 days before April 2.

The E1.617 variant first appeared in Maharashtra and has mutations of two different virus variants – E484Q and L452R.

According to an assessment by scientists at Scripps Research, the UK variant E1.1.7 is the second most prevalent variant, with 13 percent of the samples.

On April 15, out of 13,614 Whole Genome Sequencing (DubGS) samples processed in laboratories, 1,189 samples were found to be related to SARS COV-2 in India.

However, health experts have recently stated that the double mutant variant may be less dangerous than expected, as only the mildest effects have been observed in the most vulnerable patients.

Experts have asserted that according to current evidence, new variants have been seen in some states. However, details about its epidemiology are not yet known.

According to the Health Ministry data, 2,34,692 fresh covid cases have been reported in India during the last 24 hours on Saturday, the highest number of corona cases reported in a single day so far.

This is the third consecutive day that more than 2 lakh Kovid cases have been reported in the country.

India reported 2,00,739 and 2,17,353 cases respectively on Thursday and Friday.

Meanwhile, 1,341 people died due to Kovid in the last 24 hours, bringing the number of people who lost their lives to 1,75,649 due to infection so far in the country.

On Friday, the number of daily active cases increased to 16,79,740.

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