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Google stopped manufacturing Home Max Smart Speaker

NEW DELHI| Google has decided to stop manufacturing its high-quality sound smart speaker Google Home Max. According to media reports, the company will no longer manufacture this device and has sold its last few units from the Google Store. However, their existing users will get support for this now. According to Engadget’s report, there are no plans to discontinue support for Google Home.

The company said, “Existing users of Google Home Max should not worry as there will be no change in the services they receive. We will continue to provide software updates and other features of Google Home Max devices. We offer all our Assisted-Enabled Products I am committed to providing the best sound facilities. ”

Home Max was launched by Google as a top tier speaker in 2017 for $ 399, with heavy subwoofers. The Home Max comes with a 114 mm subwoofer and 18 mm tweeter, while the single nest audio comes with a 75 mm woofer and a 19 mm tweeter. Google Home Max is still in stock at select stores, including Verizon and BuyDig in the US.

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