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Indian American : Kamala Harris of the Democratic Party may be the Vice Presidential candidate in November elections 🇺🇸

Joe Biden may soon seal Kamala’s name

The mother of 55-year-old Kamala Devi Harris was Shyamala Gopalan. She was from Tamil Nadu. The father’s name was Douglas Harris. They were originally from Jamaica. On Tuesday, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden was seen with a handwritten paper, topped by Senator Kamala Harris, speculating that she might become the vice presidential candidate.

Kamala Harris of Indian origin may be the vice presidential candidate from the Democrat Party in the US. On Tuesday, a note was seen in the hands of Joe Biden, the presidential candidate of the same party. At the top of it was the name of Kamala Harris. After this, speculations began to pick up that Biden and the Democrat Party were going to declare Kamala as Vice President.

Democrats are behind in this matter

President Trump has retained current Vice President Mike Pence as the candidate for the post. That is, the picture in the Republican camp is very clear. On the other hand, Democrats have not been able to finalize the name of Vice President Candidate so far. It is also being criticized. It is being said that there are differences in the party regarding this.

Why Kamala claims strong: 2 reasons

Kamala Harris can be appointed as Democrat Party Vice President. There are two big and valid reasons for this. First, he is identified as Indian. His mother was from the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Democrats may get more votes of Indian origin. Second- Kamala’s father was from Jamaica. That is, of African origin. Therefore, black voters can also go to Biden and the Democrats’ favor.

Five features

The note seen in Biden’s hand contained five points under Kamala’s name. All these show their merits. First- she completes the work. Secondly, they have done a great campaigning so far. Third- are very talented. Fourth – He is highly respected. Fifth – are special partners.

Old relationship with biden is not good

There is an interesting point in the relationship between Joe Biden and Kamala. Joe’s sons Beau and Kamala are good friends. Beau is the former Attorney General of Delaware. At the same time, Kamla has criticized Joe Biden on a few occasions. Last year Joe also expressed surprise. According to CNN – Joe Biden and Kamla’s relationship has improved because of Beau. And now they can make him the Vice Presidential candidate.



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