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India’s heritage is Ayurveda, which extends to the good of humanity: Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday inaugurated the Ayurvedic teaching and training institute in Jamnagar, Gujarat and the National Ayurved Institute in Jaipur, saying that Ayurveda is the legacy of India, which extends to the well-being of the entire humanity. Indian will not be happy that our traditional knowledge is now enriching other countries as well. Prime Minister Modi said that it is a matter of pride that the World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen India to set up the Global Center for Traditional Medicine. He said it has always been an established truth that India has a great heritage related to health. But it is equally true that this knowledge has been in most of the books, in the scriptures and a little bit in the tips of grandmothers and grandmothers. This knowledge needs to be developed according to modern requirements.

Prime Minister Modi said, now our ancient medical knowledge science in the country is being linked with the information received from the modern science of the 21st century, new research is being done. Three years ago the All India Ayurvedic Institute was established here.

Explain that the dedication of Ayurveda Education and Training Institute, Jamnagar as an institution of national importance and the National Ayurveda Institute, Jaipur as an institution that attains university status, will lead to the modernization of Ayurvedic education. This will benefit in the direction of further improving the standards of Ayurvedic education, designing various courses according to national and international demand.

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