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IOS 14.5: Unlock iPhone by wearing a mask

New Delhi| Apple has introduced its new update iOS 14.5, with the help of which iPhone users will be able to unlock their device with the help of the Apple Watch. That is, due to the update, other apps including phones can also be unlocked by applying face masks in this era of the epidemic. Many more exciting features have also been introduced with iOS 14.5 such as different voices of Siri, different skin tones in emoji, etc.

Apple said in a statement late Monday that iOS 14.5 is now available as a free software update.

The company said, “With the Apple Watch on the wrist, the phone can be unlocked. For this, it will have to take a closer look at the phone. After this, the users will get feedback from Apple Watch, which shows that The phone will be unlocked. ”

This new feature is currently available on the iPhone X, which will be introduced later on Apple Watch Series 3 and later devices.

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