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Microsoft launches Covid-19 vaccine management platform

NEW DELHI | Covid-19 vaccines will soon be available globally. Therefore, Microsoft has launched a vaccine management platform for both government and healthcare customers. Microsoft’s select partners such as Accenture, Avanade, Evoy and Magic Global are working on the vaccine management platform, which uses the Microsoft cloud service.

Microsoft said in a statement on Friday, “The goal of efficient, uniform and secure delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine can only be successfully met with close collaboration between agencies and partners. This requires that the implementation be done on time and Things are customized to meet the needs of every government and healthcare customer. ”

Microsoft Partners are actively working with customers for Vaccine Management Solutions to help them, register patients and providers, determine the stages of vaccination, streamlined reporting, analysis, and forecasting, etc.

David Shaw, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft’s worldwide healthcare commercial business, said, “At Microsoft, we are working with public and private sector organizations around the world to get this important job of delivering vaccines as quickly as possible And help safely. ”

Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) has been conducting 230 emergency COVID-19 response missions worldwide since March. It also recently included the task of ensuring equitable, safe and efficient delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine. MCS has also created Vaccination Registration and Administration Solution VRAS, which will generate data for each stage of vaccination, to examine and report on the progress of vaccination.

The company said, “This allows health providers and pharmacies to monitor and report on the effectiveness of each vaccine batch. Health administrators can easily track vaccination targets in large populations.

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