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Modi told soldiers, I have brought the best wishes of 130 crore Indians

Jammu | Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday told the Army personnel that he has brought for them the best wishes of 130 crore Indians. He celebrated Diwali with soldiers in the Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. In Nowshera, Brigadier Usman, Naik Jadunath Singh, Lt. R.R. Paying respect to Rane and other martyred army heroes, he said, “Today’s India is alert about its capabilities and resources in the ‘elixir of independence’.”

He said that the connectivity in the border areas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, from Jaisalmer to Andaman and Nicobar has been established with modern infrastructure, leading to unprecedented improvement in infrastructure and facilities for soldiers.

The participation of women in the defense of the country is touching new heights.

“The Indian Armed Forces are as professional as the world’s top armed forces, but its humanitarian values ​​make it distinctive and extraordinary.”

“We do not see the nation as a government, power or empire, for us it is the living, the present soul, its defense is not limited to protecting the geographical boundaries.”

Addressing soldiers in the Nowshera sector of Rajouri district, Modi said, “For us, national defense means protecting national vibrancy, national unity and national integration.”

Like the previous years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated Diwali with the armed forces.

The Prime Minister said that it is the same spirit for him in celebrating Diwali with the Armed Forces. Like celebrating Diwali with your family. That is why he has celebrated his entire Diwali with the armed forces at the border after assuming the constitutional post.

He said that he has not come alone, but has brought with him the best wishes of 130 crore Indians. He said, this evening every Indian will light a ‘diya’ to show respect to the brave soldiers of the country.

He said, “Serving the country is a privilege done by the brave sons and daughters of the country, which is not available to everyone.”

From Nowshera, Modi greeted the countrymen on Diwali and other festivals like Govardhan Puja, Bhaiya Dooj and Chhath Puja. He also wished Gujarati people a Happy New Year.

He said that the history of Nowshera celebrates the bravery of India and it symbolizes the bravery and determination of the present soldiers. The area has stood firm against attackers and encroachers.

He paid heartfelt tributes to the heroes of Nowshera, Brigadier Mohammad Usman and Naik Jadunath Singh, who made supreme sacrifice for the defense of the motherland.

He called Lt. R.R. Rane and other Bravehearts who set an unprecedented example of valor and patriotism. The Prime Minister also expressed his feelings to seek the blessings of Baldev Singh and Basant Singh.

He also praised the brigade deployed there for their role in the surgical strike. He recalled the moment of relief when all the brave soldiers had returned safely after the strike.

The Prime Minister said that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the freedom of the country and today’s India is alert about its capabilities and resources in the nectar of independence. He also talked about the move towards ‘Self-reliant India’ in defense resources unlike the earlier times of foreign dependence.

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