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Nothing for poor in 20 lakh crore package :AIMF

New Delhi:The All India Minority Front (AIMF) in a press statement has said the Central Government’s Rs 20 lakh crore is just a mega show of figures while fact is millions of labourers, farmers are struggling for survival, mismatch between promises and delivery by government has left the poor hopeless.

The Front has demanded immediate loan distribution from government’s banks so that people get money for their business and other start up projects.

The dilemma for any economic relief is – should the government put money into the pockets of its citizens or should it be directed towards its entrepreneurs? The new package has chosen the entrepreneurs, it said.

Mr SM Asif, AIMF national president says the package does not look into urgent relief and doesn’t address the immediate concerns of those employed in the Swadeshi Industries.

He said the measures taken by the government and the package announced are going to have an impact in the medium and long-term in coming years but fail to address immediate concerns of the people in the country.

The AIMF chief alleged that the basic issues of people like the loss suffered due to lockdown, not getting the right price for their produce and lack of good loan facilities continue to be ignored.

He said, “the package “hasn’t translated into more money in the hands of people in the country.”



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