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PM Modi: India and European Union (EU) agreement signed

The 15th conference between India and the European Union (EU) concluded today. This conference, which was held digitally this time due to Corona virus, emphasized increasing participation and work for betterment between the two sides. During this time PM Narendra Modi said, ‘I am committed to expanding relations with the European Union, we should adopt a long-term strategy to strengthen the relationship.’ India and European Union civil nuclear cooperation agreement was also signed.

At the 15th summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the participation of India and the European Union is very important for world peace. He said that we had to cancel this conference in March due to Corona virus epidemic, it is good that we have been able to come together today through the virtual medium.

In this conference through video conferencing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that apart from the current challenges, we have long term challenges like climate change, which are important for India and the European Union. Along with our efforts to increase the use of renewable energy in India, we invite investment and technology from Europe in the region.

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India and EU ‘natural partner’: Modi

Prime Minister Modi also underlined the importance of relations between India and the European Union. He said that India and the European Union are ‘natural partners’. Our partnership matters a lot for world peace and stability. He said that if we look at today’s global conditions, this reality has become more and more clear.

Prior to this conference, Prime Minister Modi had said that India’s economic and cultural relations with Europe would be strengthened by this dialogue. The Indian delegation was led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the conference, while the European side was led by Charles Michel, President of the European Council and Ursula von der Leyen, Chair of the European Commission.

India praised in battle with Covid-19

Earlier, President of the European Council Charles Mitchell said, ‘I would like to thank India for the way your (Narendra Modi) country has demonstrated cooperation with the European Union. I commend India’s national, international, and multilateral role in the war against the global pandemic.

Agreement a day before the conference

Apart from this, India and the EU had also signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement on Tuesday, a day before this digital conference after 13 years of negotiations. The agreement provides for broad cooperation in the civil nuclear energy sector, including research and development for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The European Union is a strategically important group for India. The European Union was India’s largest trading partner in 2018. India’s bilateral trade with the European Union was the US $ 115.6 billion in 2018-19. Of this, exports were the US $ 57.67 billion while imports were the US $ 58.42 billion.



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