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Samsung launches 85-inch interactive display

Samsung Electronics has launched an 85-inch model in its next-generation range of interactive, touchscreen displays. Earlier these displays were available in 55 inches and 65-inch sizes. This 85-inch interactive display transforms any class, conference room, or meeting room into a place where people can access digital collaboration with its help.

This model is a larger version of Samsung’s current Flip-2 digital whiteboard, which is as large as the school whiteboard.

Mark Quiroz, vice president of marketing for Samsung Electronics in the US, said, “The current hybrid model of education and business being used in industry has increased the needs of Tech Solutions. The 85-inch interactive display allows students and business leaders to work together to make capable.”

The 85-inch interactive display has a smooth pen-to-paper writing mode, photo editing flexible editing tools, etc.

According to the company, the model offers 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) picture and quality, easy-to-read visuals, real-time content sharing and a team of 20 touchpoints working simultaneously.



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