Home Technology Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 smartphone next week

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 smartphone next week

Facing challenges from Apple and other Chinese companies, South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has confirmed the unveiling of new models of its flagship smartphone series next week. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 smartphone series will be presented at the Galaxy Unpacked online event under the theme of ‘Welcome to the Everyday Epic’ on January 14 at 10 am (Eastern Standard Time).

In its invitation to the ceremony, Samsung has said, “In the last few years, the location of mobile technology has become very important in people’s lives. People are working away from it and doing office work etc. Are spending more time than ever. With this change in the involvement of mobiles in the important things of life, it has now turned into an extraordinary experience. ”

The event, which is one of the largest smartphone selling companies in the world, is held in February every year to unveil its new model, but to better face the challenging conditions in the market this The year the company has decided to offer it ahead of its time.

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