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Wall Street columnists hit the target after attacking Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris. (File Photo: IANS)

NEW YORK | Peggy Noonan, a Wall Street Journal columnist and former assistant to former US President Ronald Reagan, has been under fire for criticizing the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

He had called Harris’ light-hearted dance in the rain during a publicity campaign shameful, insensitive and petty.

Noonan made these comments about Kamala Harris’ dance, her laughter and her style in two paragraphs at the end of her column ‘A Good Debate, and It’s Not Quite Over’.

On MNSBC, Noonan faced criticism for targeting Harris.

Former Democratic senator, Claire McAskill who worked hard for Kamala Harris, blamed Donald Trump.

He said, “Kamala Harris is everything except shameless. She is moving forward. She is inspiring. She is strong.”

Noonan has written about Harris after giving his opinion on the last presidential debate.

Noonan wrote, “Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris looks shameless when she says whatsapp Florida, and especially when nobody said anything funny. She is a young candidate who wants to get young votes and but When he danced on stage in the rain in Jacksonville, Florida, it was impractical, lewd and embarrassing. ”

The African American Policy Forum tweeted, “It’s the joy that has so much pained Peggy Noonan that she wrote a column about Senator Harris about how shameless Senator Harris is. The joy of blacks is something they need to attack Feel. ”

Kamala Harris is the first Indian and African American woman to contest for the post of Vice President. Harris’ presence in the 2020 election campaign is historic.

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