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3 Kanika Dhillon Films that have become audiences’ all time favs.

Author, screenwriter, producer and an allrounder Kanika Dhillon has been quite the inspiration to many. Her films often pick on topics others would shy away from and she never once has stopped from delivering scripts that shook bollywood. Here are 3 films that have become all time audience favorites

A love triangle portrayed like never before, this movie instantly became a cult favourite. The brilliant script, a product of Kanika herself paired with the directorial finesse of Anurag Kashyap gave us this brilliant film. And ofcourse Kanika’s iconic partnership with Tapsee Pannu started with this movie

A new age thriller drama, this movie was astonishing. The film follows the story of a songwriter whose boyfriend is accused of rape during the era of #MeToo. The movie touched on the sensitivities of the topic but never in a distasteful manner. The script was intelligently crafted by Kanika in partnership with Ruchi Narain and Atika Chohan.

A heartbreakingly breathtaking film, this romantic disaster blew the box office wide open. The touching story of 2 lovers is laced with far deeper socio economic issues we face in society today. The film became an instant hit and has been loved in the years that followed.

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