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Blood-soaked citizens were seen staggering on the streets in Ukraine

New Delhi | After Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an all-out attack on the neighboring Eastern European country on Thursday, heart-wrenching images emerged from Ukraine of bloodied civilians stumbling on the streets. Daily Mail gave this information. Ukrainian officials said Russia launched simultaneous attacks by land and air from the south, east and north on Thursday, killing at least 40 civilians, including a young boy, in an apartment block in Kharkiv by noon.

203 other civilians were also injured in the attacks so far by the Russian military after tanks rolled across the border and parachuted troops in the eastern regions, and some others are expected to be killed, the Daily Mail reported.

The report said the Russian Defense Ministry claimed it was not targeting cities or civilians and reassured the Ukrainian people that there was no threat to the population, as Moscow’s military was using precision weapons. Is.

But Luhansk, Sumy, Kharkiv and Chernihiv all reported attacks in Ukraine’s east, as well as explosions in Zhytomyr and Lviv in the west and close to the Polish border.

The real face of the war with civilians covered in blood has been seen in the photographs, the report said. The injured are being helped by emergency services after the shelling.

A son wept after seeing his father’s body amidst the rubble of a missile attack in a residential district in the eastern Ukrainian city of Chuguiv.

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