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CM Kejriwal spent a restless night in Tihar

New Delhi, . Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is in jail. CM Kejriwal spent the first night full of restlessness in the cell of Delhi’s Tihar Jail No. 2. Sources gave this information on Tuesday.

Jail No. 2 is constantly under strict vigil by the security personnel. Quick Response Teams (QRTs) stand ready to intervene if needed. 650 CCTV cameras have been installed to keep an eye on the prisoners.

According to sources, CM Kejriwal spent some time resting on a cement platform and was seen taking a walk in his cell late at night. CM Kejriwal was given home cooked food for lunch. They are allowed to eat home-cooked food for lunch and dinner.

Kejriwal is also allowed to meet Delhi government officials. There are about 650 prisoners in Jail No. 2, out of which about 600 have been convicted.

Kejriwal can also meet family members twice a week, but their names must be on the list that has been approved by the jail security. Health check-up of CM Kejriwal, who is suffering from diabetes, will be done every day.

CM Kejriwal is also allowed to watch TV. Apart from the scheduled jail activities, 18 to 20 channels are available for the CM to watch news, entertainment and sports

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