Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Income tax raids on the bases of Congress MLA opposing Kangana

Betul| The Income Tax Department teams have simultaneously raided several locations of Congress MLA Nilay Daga, who led the protest against the shooting of film actress Kangana Ranaut’s film Dhakad in Sarani, Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. According to information received from sources, on Thursday morning, several teams of the Income Tax department reached Betul, Satna and many places in Maharashtra. Together these teams raided about 15 bases of Congress MLA Daga. Daga is a big oil businessman, besides his school and several factories.

Sources in the Income Tax Department said that the documents of Daga’s business institutions are being scrutinized. This action can last for several days. Daga’s father Vinod Daga has also been a Congress MLA.

It is to be known that the Congress had made a big protest against Betna against the statements made by the Congress at Betul’s table, Kangana Ranaut came here to shoot for the film Dhakad. The protest was led by Congress MLA Daga and the police had to use force on Congress workers.

During the action of the Income Tax Department, there is a deployment of the heavy police force at Daga’s residence. Along with this, his and his family’s mobile phones have also been confiscated by the Income Tax Department team. It has been told that the vehicles from the Income Tax teams Betul reached to take action on the MLA’s bases, the posters of Netlink Summit February 2021 were put on it so that no one could get the impression of raids.


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