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Innergy” App Event by Institute for Meditation and Inner Harmony Sets the Tone for a Healthier Delhi

NEW DELHI: The Institute for Meditation and Inner Harmony (IMIH) unveiled its revolutionary “Innergy” Health, Happiness, and Wellness App at a grand awareness program held at Inner Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from over five hundred Delhiites eager to explore the transformative potential of Innergy.
Dr. Puja Munjal, the National Coordinator of Innergy App, took the stage to share profound insights into the unique features of the Innergy app and the meticulous research that underpins its content. Dr. Munjal emphasized that Innergy, conceived by IMIH as a nonprofit initiative, aims to enrich lives by fostering a profound connection between individuals and their inner energy. Unlike other wellness apps, Innergy integrates fitness, meditation, nutrition, and mental wellness into a user-friendly platform.

“Innergy is not just an app; it’s a personalized wellness hub designed to unlock the best version of every individual,” said the existing users. Boasting a vast content library of over 1500+ items, Innergy maintains its credibility through collaboration with a team of experts in medicine, psychology, nutrition, fitness, and meditation. The content is carefully curated and endorsed by professionals dedicated to a holistic approach to health.

One of the standout features of Innergy is its diverse range of plant-based recipes, promoting healthy living through simplicity and accessibility. Tailored for a broad audience and all age groups, these recipes empower users to adopt a healthier lifestyle through mindful dietary choices. The app also offers various meditation techniques, including music meditation, mantra meditation, and breathing exercises, complemented by physical activities such as light exercises, Zumba, and cardio.

It was highlighted that IMIH’s ongoing research collaborations with prestigious institutions globally, including Stanford University, the University of Florida, and Hindu College (University of Delhi). This research contributes to the continuous development of Innergy’s content, ensuring alignment with the latest advancements in holistic wellness.
As Innergy takes its first steps into the Delhi wellness landscape, IMIH invites individuals to embark on a journey towards health, happiness, and inner harmony through the transformative power of the Innergy app, she further stated.

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