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International Seminar on Fragrances and Flavours organized by the Departments of Chemistry and Botany of Hindu College, University of Delhi

New Delhi: The Departments of Chemistry and Botany of Hindu College, University of Delhi organized an International Seminar on Fragrances and Flavours in collaboration with Ultra International Limited.

The College invited distinguished guest speakers from the world of international perfumery, which included Dr. Michael Carlos, Chairman, Emeritus, IFRA, Mr. Hans Hogler Gliewe, Chairman, IFRA, Mr. Dirk Hudig, Secretary General, European Risk and Innovation Forum, and Ms. Martina Bianchini, President, IFRA. The seminar was also graced by Mr. Sant Saganeria, Chairman, Ultra International Ltd. and Ms. Bhuvana Nageshwaran, Co-Chairman , FICCI Taskforce on Fragrances, and Director, F&F, Ultra International Ltd., as Chief Guests.

On this occasion, the Principal of Hindu College, Prof. Anju Srivastava said “Hindu College is introducing many new certificate courses, short-term courses, and add-on courses, in different fields. We are also introducing a new curriculum titled ‘Fragrances, Flavours and their Industrial Applications in the New Education Policy.'”

During the seminar, Michael Carlos talked about various factors that have led to the evolution of the fragrance industry like the COVID-19 pandemic. He further spoke about how climate change will impact the flavor and fragrance industry in the coming years, leading to a switch to green chemistry. “One of the best perfumers I’ve worked with was Indian. Indian perfumers have the potential to rise to a global level and I hope they do”, he stated.

Dirk Hudig, who has experience in the chemical industry over the past 27 years, encouraged students to build illustrious careers in the fragrance and chemicals field, “You are equipped to work towards and focus on your careers. With the right guidance, you all can build international careers in this industry!”

Speaking of the fragrance industry in India, Hans Hogler Gliewe said, “India is a country with abundant and quality resources to feed and develop the fragrance industry. Through its well-developed chemical industry, strong agricultural background, sound chemical base, and talented manpower, India can marry agriculture and science to support the fragrance industry.”

Martina Bianchini spoke about the various chemistry courses offered by the college on topics like toxicology, green chemistry, etc., and how these will become the touchstones of knowledge in the future. She said, “All these courses are extremely important and useful in our industry. Green chemistry, for instance, is absolutely vital for pharma, chemical and other scientific industries.”

Prof. Reena Jain, Vice Principal of Hindu College, announced the results of various activities which were the culmination of week-long competitions like poster making, tagline writing, essay writing, and advertisement framing, and distributed cash prizes to the students and further thanked all the dignitaries for gracing the event with their presence.

The invited talks were interspersed with scintillating performances by various performing arts societies of the College. The opening performance was given by Alankar, the Classical Music Society of Hindu College. Nakshatra, the Fashion Society, in collaboration with the North East Cell, presented a fashion show that was designed on the theme of fragrances. Folk, Classical, and contemporary dance performances were presented by the North East Cell, Adhrita, Srijya, and Aarambh: the Dance Society of the College, respectively. Vivre, the Film and Photography Society, captured the entire event through their lenses. Finally, artists from Abstractions, the Fine Arts Society presented caricatures of the distinguished guest speakers.

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