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DU: 12 teachers terminate, including five Corona positive teachers, teachers union warns

New Delhi| A case of termination of service of 12 ad hoc teachers working in a college of Delhi University has come to light. According to teacher organizations, this action has been taken in Vivekananda College. This action has been strongly condemned by Delhi University SC, ST, OBC Teachers Forum. According to the forum, out of these 12 Adhoc teachers, 5 Adhoc teachers are corona positive. The condition of teachers suffering from the corona is very bad. The family is struggling with the financial crisis, on the other hand, their service was terminated.

For the last five days, these teachers have pleaded with the principal and chairman of the college, but no hearing was held. These teachers have written a letter to the in-charge of the DTA, in which they have talked about joining.

Teachers Forum President Dr. Kailash Prakash Singh has told that in Vivekananda College for a long time 2 in Commerce, 1 in Economics, 3 in English, Computer Science 2, Sanskrit 1, Food Technology 1, Mathematics 1, Environment Science 1 Adhoc teachers are in action Of these, 3 Adhoc teachers belong to the scheduled castes and 4 other backward classes, plus 5 general classes.

He has told that even in the month of January 2021, the college principal had taken an arbitrary step to displace these ad-hoc teachers, but after the intervention of Dr. Hansraj Suman and Duta, in charge of the Delhi Teachers Association, the chairman of the governing body held these positions. Stopped the interview and got all these 12 teachers rejoined. They say that if any teachers are removed in the Corona period, they will be forced to take to the streets against the principal.

Dr. Hansraj Suman, in charge of the teachers’ organization Delhi Teachers Association (DTA), has said that the tenure of these 12 Adhoc teachers was till 29 April 2021. On April 30, they were to be given the revision letter again, but the principal of Vivekananda College terminated the service of these 12 Adhoc teachers on April 29. Along with this, instructions have been given that their salary should be given only if they take clearance from the college.

He said that the DTA spoke to the chairman of the college governing body to immediately join these teachers and sent them a demand letter, memorandum, demanding that Adhoc teachers studying in various departments should be joined at the earliest.

DTA in-charge Dr. Hans Raj Suman, Chairman Dr. Asha Rani, Vice-Chairman Dr. Narendra Kumar Pandey and Secretary Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh, in the memorandum, demanded that the Adhok Teachers, who have been teaching in Vivekananda College, for a long time, should not be interviewed. Also, applying the circular issued by the Ministry of Education on 5 December 2019, until the process of permanent appointment starts, no Adhoc teachers should be removed from their posts.

He says that colleges should interview only those posts which are under the second tranche or increased posts or teachers who have retired. Dr. Suman says that where will these teachers go in the Corona period.

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