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Movie Main Raj Kapoor Hogaya Promotions held In Delhi

Recently actore Manav Sohal and Shravanu Goswami cams to Delhi to promote their upcoming movie Main Raj Kapoor Hogaya. The event was held at UDS Villa Luxury, Connaught Place. The movie is all set to release on 17 February 2023

While talking to media,Manav Sohal Said, “I have been a big fan of Raj Kapoor Saheb since childhood and the story of this film is not based on the biography of Raj Kapoor, but the story of a fan of Raj Kapoor. Main “Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya” is the story of a fan who considers Raj Kapoor as everything in his life. “

Actress Shravani shared,”It was very challenging to work in this movie because had always done roles of very high class lady but this role was totally opposite. I’ve born & brought up in Delhi, so it was difficult to speak in Marathi. But I’ve done it very well.”

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