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“Phooli” is a lovely story of a little girl and a magician, talks about the importance of education

There are countless true stories in our country and society that have inspired movies and the audience has also appreciated such films. Actor and director Avinash Dhyani’s upcoming film “Phooli” is also a touching film based on a true story, whose powerful trailer has been released by Zee Music, which is getting a very good response. For the promotion of the film, actor and director Avinash Dhyani, Riya Baloni, producer Manish Kumar and co-producer Sanjay Agarwal addressed the media in the capital Delhi.

The trailer of the film starts on the backdrop of very beautiful valleys, “This is the story of Phooli who lived in the mountains, wanted to study, wanted to write, wanted to move forward. But circumstances were preventing her from doing all this.”

Phooli is a 14-year-old promising girl, who wants to get an education, but the circumstances are against her, her father is a victim of alcohol addiction. When her morale is low, a magician comes into her life who explains to her that “Nobody does magic in someone’s life, you have to do that magic in your own life.”

This movie is based on how Phooli understands the magician’s words and implements them in her life.

Through the character of Phooli in the movie, director Avinash Dhyani has shown the truth of every girl’s life and every woman’s life living in the mountains. During the filming of this movie, he stayed in Timli village (Pauri district) for about 8 months and kept making this movie. Avinash Dhyani has made many movies but out of all his movies, Phooli is the closest to his heart because it is very close to reality. In creating the story of the movie Phooli, he has taken inspiration from the lives of many women of the mountains, including his mother. Knowing and understanding the mountains closely, he felt that this is such a universal story that it is not meant to be limited to the mountains only, it should reach the audience across the country and the world.

Film maker Avinash Dhyani says that Phooli is such a movie that you learn something from watching it. Even though Phooli is the story of a little girl, it sheds light on many such stages of life that every human being goes through at some time or the other and gets inspired. This movie is for everyone and it is important to reach everyone. The movie is coming to the theatres on 7th June.

The movie Phooli, made under the banner of Padma Siddhi Films, stars Avinash Dhyani, Suruchi Saklani, debutant Riya Baloni, Prince Juel, Nidhi Baloni etc. Produced by Manish Kumar, Avinash Dhyani, Lalit Jindal, Rajiv Sharma, Manoj Kumar Singh, the co-producers of the movie are Sanjay Agarwal, Ravindra Bhatt, Mohit Tyagi and Smriti Hari. There are some heart touching songs in the voice of singers like Alka Yagnik, Nakkash Aziz, Raja Hassan and Dhruv Kumola.

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