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Simultaneous operations at rajasthan and jharkhand by cyber ps north district team led to busting of cyber crime syndicate, 4 accused arrested & 10 cases of delhi ncr solved

New Delhi: Accused namely Pintu, Mukesh, Dular and Chetlal arrested after 2 Days long simultaneous operation in Rajasthan and Jharkhand.

Accused used to send message in the name of KYC of Wallet with link from fake numbers. Link required Wallet Phone Number, Password, OTP, Card Details etc which were visible to accused on link of ngrok. Links were created by PHP Coding and fake website pages using linux.

Accused also saved number on True Caller in the name of Wallet as eye wash and used to call victims, who share details on link as wallet executive and direct them to install Remote excess app for screen sharing.

Accused used to call and send message from Jaipur, Rajasthan whereas Links, Accounts and fake sim cards were arranged and provided by co-accused from Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal. Money was also withdrawn in various parts of India.

Accused were living lavish life in Jaipur and staying in posh societies having high rents. Accused also travel continuously between Rajasthan and Jharkhand by flight to collect money withdrawn in Jharkhand.

Accused were continuously changing their locations and using different mobile numbers between Rajasthan and Jharkhand to avoid arrest.

In present case, Victim was duped in the name of KYC and Rs 10 Lacs were transferred to various bank accounts, which he had saved for cancer treatment of his mother.

So far, 10 cases of cyber fraud registered in Delhi and NCR solved with their arrest, many more cases committed with various victims all over India by accused persons are being linked.

They were previously arrested in Delhi and Jharkhand in similar nature of cases.

7 Mobile Phones, 6 Sim Cards, 3 Cheque Book & 11 ATM Cards, around Rs one lakh Freezed in Accused’s Bank Account, One Hyundai Venue Car Purchased from cheated amount books recovered.

Continuing the drive against Cyber fraudsters, who were duping gullible citizens, dedicated team of Cyber Police North District led by SI Rohit Saraswat comprising SI Guman Singh, SI Ranjit, ASI Arun, HC Mahesh Patil, HC Navrattan, W/HC Sunita, Ct Naveen, Ct  Kaluram, Ct Akash, Ct Mahender and Ct Praveen under the supervision of Shri Ajay Dalal, SHO/Cyber Police Station North and guidance of Shri Jaipal Singh, ACP Cyber Police Station North busted Jharkhand based KYC cheating module after conducting simultaneous operation in Rajasthan and Jharkhand.

A complaint on MHA Cyber Crime Portal from complainant Arvind (who Medical Representative in a reputed medicos company) received in Cyber Police Station North District wherein he alleged that on 13/01/2022, he received a message from a mobile number having link for KYC of his wallet. Subsequently, complainant clicked on the given link and filled required details including Wallet Number, Password, OTP, Card Number, CVV and Expiry Date. Immediately, he received a call from mobile number mentioned in message and caller introduced himself as Wallet Executive and directed victim to download Any Desk App in his mobile phone and to share code of the application. After sharing the Code, money started deducting from victim’s Wallet and bank accounts. When all the money available in the account of the victim was transferred the Caller directed victim to download Any Desk App on his wife’s mobile phone following which victim does same and again shared code of Any Desk with accused caller. Subsequently, money was transferred from his wife’s bank account also and victim was duped for Rs 10 Lacs (Approx).  On this, a Case vide FIR NO 03/2022 dated 17/01/2022 U/s 420 IPC Cyber Police Station was registered and investigation was taken up.

Above said dedicated team was handed over the task to identify accused and arrest culprits. Technical surveillance was mounted. Ownership details of bank accounts were collected.

On the basis of technical investigation, it was learnt that the alleged persons are calling from Jaipur, Rajasthan, whereas money was withdrawn from various Bank Accounts in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Maharashtra.

On the basis of technical analysis, Dossier search as well as record of ICJS, suspects were identified and it was learnt that they were having location in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It was also learnt that two of the accused persons had gone to Jharkhand.

On this, it was prudent to conduct simultaneous raids in Jaipur as well as in Jharkhand. Subsequently, two separate teams were simultaneously sent to Jaipur and Jharkhand. On basis of manual intelligence and technical surveillance, accused Pintu and Mukesh were arrested from a rented flat in Hastinapur Vistar, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, when they were fleeing from one rented accommodation to another.

During interrogation, they disclosed that their co-accused persons namely Dular and Chetlal had gone to Jharkhand via Kolkata to collect the cheated amount.

Immediately, SI Ranjit who was present in Jharkhand with team was directed to apprehend accused persons and on the basis of manual chase with technical assistance, accused Dular (real brother of Pintu) and Chetla were arrested from Giridih, Jharkhand. During investigation, several mobile phones and documents of bank accounts were recovered from the possession of the accused persons.

Modus Operandi: During interrogation, it was revealed that accused used to purchase pre-activated SIM of Orissa and West Bengal. Accused used to type number in mobile phone in series for sending message to victims. Upon clicking the fake link of ngrok, victim would see a webpage similar to Wallet, which first required Wallet Mobile Number, Password. After entering the required details, a new webpage i.e. OTP webpage followed by Debit Card Number, CVV and Expiry Date webpage and last Card OTP webpage would appear on the screen of the victim and same would be visible to accused. After collecting the required details, the accused would gain excess to the wallet of victim and subsequently, transfer money from the victim’s account.

Accused also disclosed that accounts were provided by other persons, who were in Jharkhand and West Bengal and money was withdrawn at various locations all over India. Accused also disclosed that they used to change location in every one month within Jaipur to avoid identification. Accused further disclosed that they used to send again the used Sim and Mobile back to Jharkhand and West Bengal to dodge police and avoid their identification and arrest. Accused also purchased a Hyundai Venue Car from cheated amount in December 2021 and were living a lavish life in Jaipur.

CASES WORKED OUT: 10 cases of cyber fraud registered in Delhi and NCR solved.


  • About Rs one lacs, freezed in the account of the accused.
  • 07 Mobile Phones & 6 Sim Cards
  • 03 Cheque Books
  • 11 Debit Card
  • One Hyundai Venue Car purchased from the cheated money.

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