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The coming generations will be proud of the new parliament building in independent India: PM Modi

NEW DELHI| After laying the foundation stone of the new Parliament House on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave information about the rationale for its construction. He said that if the old Parliament House gave direction to post-independence India, the new building would become a witness to the creation of self-reliant India. Work was done to fulfill the needs of the country in the old Parliament House, the new building will fulfill the aspirations of 21st century India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Today, beyond the India Gate, the National War Memorial has created a national identity, in the same way, the new building of Parliament will establish its identity. The coming generations will be proud to see the new building that is built-in independent India. Independence.” It will be built in memory of 75 years of the year. ”

Prime Minister Modi said that many new things are being done in the new Parliament House, which will increase the efficiency of the MPs. Modern methods will come in his work culture. He said that people come from his parliamentary constituency to meet the MPs, people have a lot of trouble in the Parliament House that is present. If the general public has to tell any of their problems to their MP, then there is a lack of space in the Parliament House for this. In the future, every MP will have the facility to systematically meet the people of his parliamentary constituency here.

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