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CM Arvind Kejriwal honors Pawan Sehrawat, Captain of Indian Kabaddi team who won gold medal in Asian Games and lives in rural Delhi

NEW DELHI: CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal participates as the chief guest in the felicitation ceremony of Pawan Sehrawat, the kabaddi player who won a gold medal for India at the Asian Games. During this event, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal mentioned that they are creating a policy that other states will want to emulate, similar to Delhi. The Chief Minister praised Pawan Sehrawat, the kabaddi captain who brought India a gold medal in the Asian Games, and expressed his pride in being the Chief Minister of Delhi. The Delhi government will grant Pawan a reward of ₹1 crore.
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal also explained that their government supports talented athletes through the Play and Progress and Mission Excellence policies, providing financial assistance. Over the past 7 years, the Delhi government has done more work in sports than perhaps any other government. Several athletes who have represented India at the national and international levels were present during this event, along with Transport Minister Shri Kailash Gehlot
Amidst the warm reception from the crowd CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal stated, “Today, I’m here to felicitate my younger brother Pawan Sehrawat, but here I got reminiscences of my older memories. During the Anna Movement this stadium was converted into a jail, and we spent 2 nights here while singing revolutionary songs. Then with the grace of god and your blessings, I was entrusted with the big responsibility of Delhi. I want to congratulate Pawan and his family, he’s brought glory to Delhi, the country, and village. As a CM I take immense pride in his achievements. A few days ago Pawan came to my house, and he told me about his struggles. Pawan comes from a very humble background, he only played Kabaddi on the ground but also in life as well. I was informed from his coach how remarkably he prepared as per the needs of the game, in a quick time.”
The Chief Minister continued, “We watched on the TV that the Gold Medal was announced to the other country, but Pawan firmly fought for his countries’ pride. The fight is not just limited to the ground, but in life Pawan will be first in the queue to fight against injustice. As per our policy for athletes, the Delhi Government will facilitate Pawan with ₹1 crore. Soon, the Delhi Government will convene a felicitation ceremony to felicitate all the 7 athletes who won a medal in Asian Games in different categories. I have been informed about Haryana’s felicitation money. I assure you that in quick time the Delhi Government will formulate a policy which will compel people of Haryana to say that Delhi has better felicitation money.”
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal further added, “I’m glad to know that there have been 20-25 international Kabaddi players from the village. Five of them are the ‘Arjuna Award’ recipients. When an athlete wins a medal, various governments and institutions announce rewards, but during the time of struggle there are very few governments which take this initiative.”
The Chief Minister stated, “The Delhi Government has formulated 2-3 types of policies regarding the same. The Play and Progress scheme for kids younger than 14 years old, if we see potential in them then provide them with ₹ 2-3 lakh in a year to nurture their talents. In the great sporting nation, they recognise the talents during athletes’ younger days. We’re yet to reach that level but we can help them with a small contribution of money for their training and diet. We have set-up a board for the talent examination of the kids regarding the legibility under the scheme. Then there is Mission Excellence which provides ₹16 lakh to those athletes who win medals at the national level. The Delhi Government provides ₹16 lakhs in a year to such athletes to nurture their talents as per the international levels.”
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal stated that when he first contested the elections, people used to demand for sporting facilities and infrastructure in the rural areas. There have been many famous athletes from the villages. The Bawana stadium has been renovated with the help of ₹16 crores. A new stadium and sports complex has been built in Najafgarh. In the Kair village, a new sports complex has been constructed. Mundela has gotten a new sports complex too. In Boot kala, a new synthetic track had been constructed. A new sports complex has been built In Prahladpur. In Katewara the fund has been sanctioned. In the villages of Mitraon, Jharoda, and Samastpur sports complexes are being built. In 7 years, any other government has not ever dared to build these many sports complexes. There is proper planning to promote sports in the villages of Delhi.
Speaking on the common problems faced by residents of rural areas CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal stated, “There are many villages which have been converted to the unauthorised colonies. Our government has worked on the development of unauthorised colonies, which were in a very poor condition before we came to power. These colonies lacked basic amenities like roads, water, and sewage. Over the past three years, we have initiated development work in slum colonies simultaneously. In Delhi, there are approximately 1800 slum colonies. Before our government came into power, out of these 1800, only 884 unauthorised colonies had access to water supply. However, we have now ensured water supply in all colonies. Previously, sewage systems were in place in only 230 colonies, but we have extended sewage facilities to 750 colonies, and within the next year, sewage systems will be in place in all colonies. Moreover, while only 262 colonies had roads previously, we have constructed roads in 850 colonies, and in the coming year, roads will be built in all of them. In the upcoming budget, all 360 villages in Delhi will receive roads, drinking water, sewage, and drainage facilities, and the work will begin simultaneously. Orders regarding this, and cost estimates are being prepared. In places like Kanjhawala, Karala, and Pooth, the condition of Nangloi to Najafgarh roads
 is extremely poor, which will be rectified.”
The Chief Minister continued, “In the villages, there are problems with Section-81 and 33. I have fought quite a bit for this. We had passed a proposal in the legislative assembly two years ago. Then we also sent it to the central government, but it’s not within our control. It’s in the hands of the central government and the LG. I keep raising this issue at intervals and will continue to do so. An excellent School of Excellence has been established in Libas Pur. In the past 75 years, no government has paid as much attention to villages and rural areas as our government. Today, we have initiated the 990S bus service that will connect Bawana to the Rithala Metro station. This bus service will also link Barwala, Pooth Khurd, and Prahladpur to the Rithala Metro station. In the last 2-3 years, several buses have been deployed in rural areas. Whether the buses operate at a loss or generate profit, the public should receive convenience. The government is not sitting there to make money from the public but to provide convenience.”
Shri Arvind Kejriwal mentioned regarding the pension of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) employees that many employees are protesting for pensions. It saddens me deeply that people have to protest in their old age after retirement. When our government was formed, the DTC pension was a significant issue. Initially, DTC was asked to create its own fund to provide pensions. Pensions were to be granted from this fund. We had implemented the 7th Pay Commission, and arrears were also distributed. Our government decided that DTC did not have any funds and couldn’t provide pensions to employees. Pensions will be granted by the Delhi government, and they have been doing so. Pensions used to be given on time. But in the past year, employees have been facing issues in receiving their pensions. It makes one wonder why problems have arisen only in the last year. There must be some discrepancies. Personally, I am directly involved in this matter. Last week, I met with the LG and expressed that stopping anyone’s pension is not right. I have requested the pension files, and I will ensure pensions are disbursed very soon.

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