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20 patients died at Jaipur Golden Hospital in Delhi due to lack of oxygen

Jaipur golden hospital oxygen latest news today: Around 20 Covid patients died on Friday night at Jaipur Golden Hospital in Delhi due to the low supply of oxygen. The hospital has appealed to the authority in the national capital to arrange oxygen at the earliest. According to the hospital, “As of 5 pm tomorrow, 3.5 metric tons of oxygen was to be supplied. But it happened around midnight. By then, 20 patients had died. “

Dr. DK Balooja tweeted on Saturday morning, “Jaipur Golden Hospital is still waiting for oxygen. 215 Covid patients are dependent on the hospital. Supply oxygen as soon as possible. Please help, we are desperate. “


Jaipur golden Hospital death

Earlier, around 25 Covid-19 patients died in a 24-hour period at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH). It warned of the urgent need for oxygen supply on Thursday evening, as more than 140 serious patients admitted to hospitals were on ventilators and oxygen support.

Jaipur golden hospital latest news

Jaipur Golden Hospital, Moolchand Hospital, SGRH, Batra Hospital on Saturday sent messages to SOS reporting oxygen deficiency and appealed to the authority to organize it as soon as possible.

In the morning, Dr. SCL Gupta, Medical Director of Batra Hospital said that there is one hour of oxygen left in the hospital for 350 patients. Later, 500 liters of oxygen was supplied to the hospital.

Gupta said “Even after telling about 12 hours ago, we got only 500 liters of oxygen, which is less than our daily requirement of 8,000 liters. We have 350 patients and it will be difficult to treat them due to inadequate supply. ”

At around 11 am, Ganga Ram Hospital claimed to have left 200 cubic oxygen, which would last 15 minutes.

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