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Delhi: 153 metric tons of oxygen supply reduced in 24 hours

New Delhi| The demand for oxygen in Delhi is 976 metric tonnes but during the last 24 hours, only 577 metric tonnes of oxygen was provided to Delhi. According to the Delhi government, a low supply of oxygen may cause problems for corona patients in hospitals. This is the reason that once again Delhi has asked the central government to ensure the supply of oxygen.

Vice-Chairman and MLA of Delhi Jal Board Raghav Chadha released the official bulletin of oxygen on Friday. Raghav said that while 730 metric tonnes of oxygen was provided to Delhi on May 5, during the last 24 hours, on May 6, Delhi was given only 577 metric tonnes of oxygen. That is, during the 24 hours, the oxygen supply of Delhi was reduced by 153 metric tons.

Raghav said that Delhi needs at least 700 metric tonnes of oxygen per day. The High Court and the Supreme Court have also recognized 700 metric tons of oxygen for Delhi. Despite this Delhi is not getting enough oxygen.

Raghav said that due to lack of oxygen, 9 SOS calls for oxygen were received from hospitals in Delhi on 6 May. All these were provided with oxygen by acting on the calls. SOS calls were made for a total of 909 oxygen beds. Addressing this, 5.10 MT of oxygen was sent to these hospitals.

Meanwhile, 341 people died of corona in Delhi during the last 24 hours. In Delhi, more than 79 thousand corona tests were done in 1 day to check for corona patients. Of these, more than 19 thousand people were found to be corona positive. During this period, more than 19 thousand patients have also recovered from beating the coronavirus.

The Delhi government has deputed IAS officers for better management of oxygen. Two Delhi-based IAS officers have also been appointed at Tata Steel’s Kalinga Nagar Oxygen Plant in Odisha. The Delhi government has created a decentralized management system for the delivery of oxygen to various hospitals and institutes within the city.

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