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Aale Mohammad Iqbal of Aam Aadmi Party became MCD Deputy Mayor

New Delhi, Today, the election of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 6 members of the Standing Committee was completed successfully at the Civic Center in Delhi. Aam Aadmi Party candidate Shelly Oberoi has been elected as the Mayor of Delhi, and Aale Mohammad Iqbal has been elected as the Deputy Mayor. Shelly Oberoi got 150 votes. BJP’s Rekha Gupta got 116 votes. AAP’s Ale Mohammad Iqbal got 147 votes and BJP’s Kamal Bangdi got 116 votes. Significantly, due to the ongoing tussle between the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP, the meeting of the MCD House, which was convened thrice, had been postponed. After this, AAP’s mayoral candidate Shelly Oberoi appealed to the Supreme Court to hold elections. He also challenged the voting rights of aldermen. In this, the Supreme Court, while giving its verdict, made it clear that the Alderman does not have the right to vote, That’s why he will stay away from the mayoral election process. After a long wait, Delhi got a new mayor in Shelly Oberoi. And Aale Mohammad Iqbal was elected deputy mayor.

Let us tell you that the Municipal Corporation elections in Delhi were held on 4th December. And the results came on December 7, in which the Aam Aadmi Party won the highest number of 134 seats out of 250. Even after this, the Mayor has not been elected even after more than two months have passed. Due to the ruckus between the councilors of AAP and BJP in the three meetings held in the MCD house, Delhi could not find a new mayor till now. Today Delhi got a new Mayor in the form of Shelly Oberoi. Aale Mohammad Iqbal was elected deputy mayor.

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