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Alia Bhatt says ‘Asli Neend’ is only with Duroflex

With the goal of guiding consumers on the importance of making well researched choices when it comes to their sleep solutions products, Duroflex, India’s leading sleep solutions provider has launched a new campaign with their national brand ambassador and leading actor Alia Bhatt scaling its signature portfolio Duropedic – recommended by the doctors at National Health Academy. The campaign featuring two TVCs aims to educate customers that when it comes to good sleep, one should only believe the benefits of sleep essentials that are backed by research and approved by experts. The first TVC educates the consumers that mattress buying is not a one-size-fits-all activity whereas the second one warns them against getting lured by seemingly attractive deals and making the wrong choice.

As a country, we have learnt to focus more on health and personal wellbeing over the past two years. Today, the consumer is more willing than ever before to spend on products that facilitate a healthy lifestyle. One such product category is sleep solutions. With more and more brands entering this space, the purchase process has become much more complicated for buyers. Amidst claims of superior materials and misinterpreting material benefits, consumers often end up buying a mattress which does not address their specific needs resulting into disrupted sleep and ensuing health issues. Duroflex aims to educate consumers regarding this very issue through their new campaign.

The first TVC encapsulates the moment where Alia finds her friend Adarsh Gaurav, from the White Tiger fame sleeping uncomfortably on his mattress. The conversation between the two further reveals that Adarsh bought the mattress thinking that because it’s memory foam, it is good for his back. To this Alia lightheartedly chides him saying “Har Memory Foam Orthopedic nahi hota, aur har neend neend nahin hoti”, explaining that specific problems require specialized solutions like Duroflex’s signature doctor recommended orthopedic range of mattresses with advanced 5 zone support layer.

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