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America: 2 killed, 8 others injured in South Carolina Night Club shootout


The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office reported that this incident of firing was about 5 miles from the city of Greenville in the substate area of ​​South Carolina Nightclub Shooting around 2 a.m. Sunday afternoon. The event was held at Lavish Lounge.
On July 4, rapper Foogiano was informed about the event via a post on Lavish Lounge’s Facebook page.

Washington : On  Sunday, two people were killed in a shooting incident at the South Carolina Nightclub Shooting in the United States, while eight others were injured in the attack. The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office reported that the shooting incident occurred around 2 a.m. Sunday at Lavish Lounge, about 5 miles from the city of Greenville, in the substate area of ​​South Carolina.

Lt. Jimmy Bolt said in a statement that assistants from Greenville County noticed some disturbances at the Lavish Lounge in the early morning. They saw people running out of the building and firing inside the building. Bolt and Sheriff Hobart Lewis said the first 12 people were reported injured.

the casualties had changed. The injured have been taken to Prisma Health Hospital in Greenville in Greenville. As of now, no one has been detained for the firing. The entire case is being investigated.

Lewis reported that the nightclub had a very large crowd for concerts. People were informed about this by a post on the Facebook page of Lavish Lounge on July 4 about the rapper Foogiano’s program. Rapper Foogiano and his team were safe in this attack.

He said that cases of coronavirus have risen sharply in South Carolina and the rate of positive tests in the state is also three times the recommended level. The end of June has seen a significant increase in the case of Corona in Greenville. Because Governor Henry McMaster has refused to enforce the imperative of wearing a face mask.

In connection with this incident, it was told that at present it was not known whether the night club was being operated illegally or permission was taken for it. But it was clear that the people involved in the club were not following a distance of 6 feet. Scharif said that this is certainly not the best situation to stop the spread of the corona virus.

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