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Bajrang aur Ali tell us that this country belongs to every Indian, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion

Critic Rating, 3.5*

Bajarang and Ali, released in select theatres this week, is a clean film made on a limited budget with a new star cast which would never be made with famous Bollywood makers and expensive stars, but praise must be given to the makers of this film and the young director Jaiveer for making such a great film which fits 100% in today’s environment.

After watching this film, I felt that if the makers had released this film at the beginning of last month, it would have exposed the leaders who do politics in the name of religion. Director Jaiveer has given the message of brotherhood to the audience by breaking the wall of hatred through friendship.

Story Plot

The story of this film is about two different religions – Bajrang, a young priest of a Hanuman temple in Kashi and Ali, the younger son of the Imam of a nearby mosque. Shot start to finish on real locations in Kashi, Bajrang and Ali is a heart touching story that has the power to bind you with it. The young priest of the temple, Bajrang, gives a good Azan in the mosque, Ali recites the entire Hanuman Chalisa and plays the role of Ravana in the Ramleela organized near the temple. In my opinion, this film not only entertains but also teaches Hindu Muslim brotherhood and communal harmony. Young writer director hero Jaiveer, along with directing the film, has also played the lead role of Bajrang with full honesty, while Sachin Parikh’s acting in the role of Ali is unmatched. Among the other actors of the film, Suriddhi Gupta, Yugant Badri Pandey and Gauri Shankar Singh etc. fit in their roles. If you like good, clean and meaningful films giving a message to the society, then definitely watch this film of director, hero Jaiveer once.

Cast- Jaiveer, Sachin Parikh, Yugant Pandey, Suriddhi Gupta, Gauri Shankar Pandey , Writer, Director, Jaiveer,

Censor- U

Duration- 121 minutes

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