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BJP trying to destroy the country: Nitish Kumar

Patna, September 9: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar returned to Patna on Thursday after a three-day visit to Delhi and went straight to Rabri Devi’s residence to meet former chief minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. Nitish Kumar believes that his Delhi tour was successful. He said that BJP is trying to destroy the country.

Bihar CM said, “I am working to unite the opposition leaders and my efforts will continue. I firmly believe that the opposition leaders will unite soon and all will contribute in the fight against BJP. Two to three months The decision on the prime ministerial candidate will be final. At present, I am not the prime ministerial candidate of the opposition parties.”

Kumar said, “We believe in work and are doing development work in Bihar. When I took charge of Bihar, Bihar’s fertility rate was 4.3 and now it is 2.9 because of girls’ education. We work Do it, don’t preach.”

He said, “BJP is a changed party now. It is not BJP, which it used to be during Atal ji’s time. BJP’s policies and rules have changed now.”

After returning to Patna, Kumar apprised Lalu Yadav about the outcome of his meeting with various opposition leaders in Delhi.

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