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Canada will accept 401,000 new migrants, Indians to be the largest beneficiaries

TORONTO | Canada will accept a record of 401,000 new migrants in 2021, against the normal annual figure of 350,000. This figure will be increased to 411,000 in 2022 and 421,000 in 2023 to meet the shortfall in 2020 in this direction due to restrictions due to Kovid-19.

This is heartening news for Indians, as they tend to be significantly higher in people from outside countries settling in Canada.

In fact, Indian immigration to Canada has increased rapidly in the last three to four years. While 39,340 Indian expatriates reached Canada in 2016. The figure rose to 85,000 in 2019, registering an increase of 105 percent.

The rapid growth of Indian immigration to Canada includes a number of factors including US policies and lack of IT and healthcare professionals.

Similarly, the number of Indian students coming to Canada has increased from 76,075 in 2016 to 219,855 in 2019, an increase of nearly 300 percent.

Due to a record number of students and newcomers, Indians have become one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada, surpassing 1.6 million in a country of over 37 million.

As Canada’s birth rate has declined, this constitutes 82 percent of the population growth of new immigrants. In addition, new people also bring billions of dollars to Canada each year.

Along with this, sectors like health, information and technology and farming cannot survive without new migrants here.

Since about 60 percent of the immigrants fall in the economic category, they also support the economy by starting new businesses.

Government data stated that more than 33 percent of businesses are owned by new people, as the Canadian ecosystem encourages people to become entrepreneurs, not job seekers.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino on Friday highlighted the important role of newcomers while announcing new immigration targets. He said that there is a need to provide skills to our businesses, but this can be done only by starting their own businesses.

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