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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal launches Delhi Corona App, information about COVID beds, ventilators in just one click

A mobile application has been launched in Delhi to help track hospital beds and ventilators for COVID-19 patients, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said this afternoon. The app is available on Google Play and all the information can also be accessed on It will be updated twice a day – at 10 am and at 6 pm. The Chief Minister also gave a WhatsApp number – 8800007722 – to access the app. He said that if the app tells a patient that beds are empty in a hospital, but the staff refuses to admit them, they can call on the helpline number 1031 and the special secretary will immediately speak to hospital authorities and ensure that patients get help.
*There has been a surge in Corona cases in Delhi, but there is no need to panic because we have made sufficient arrangements: CM*
“There has been a surge in Corona cases in Delhi, but there is no need to panic because we have made sufficient arrangements for your treatment. If a person gets infected with Corona, we have made arrangements for the availability of beds, oxygen, ventilators, and all health facilities for their treatment. Many nations across the world have faced the issue of inadequate health infrastructure due to Corona,” said CM Kejriwal.
He said that for instance, out of 20000 patients of Corona, only 8000 got adequate treatment because there were no beds, ventilators, ICU, and health infrastructure. This led to these countries being severely impacted by Corona because there were more deaths.
*To bridge that gap in information, we have launched Delhi Corona app: CM*
“But, as I say, Delhi is four steps ahead of Corona, and even if the cases are rising, we have made all arrangements if somebody from your family gets infected with Corona. While we say that there is adequate health infrastructure such as beds, ventilators, and ICUs, we receive distress calls and messages from people not getting beds for treatment in hospitals. There is a gap in information. There are 6731 beds as against 2600 patients in Delhi government hospitals, and around 4100 beds are vacant. But people are unable to gather information on where they will receive adequate treatment and on availability of beds, etc. They have no idea what to do if that happens. To bridge that gap in information, we have launched an app. You can download this app to avail information on bed availability in various government and private hospitals in Delhi,” said the Delhi Chief Minister.
*The app shows on total availability of beds, occupied and vacant beds, and hospital-wise availability of beds in a dashboard format and also information about ventilators: CM*
CM Arvind Kejriwal gave a demo of the app in his conference, which shows the total availability of beds, occupied and vacant beds, and hospital-wise availability of beds in a dashboard format. He said, “The app shows the status of total beds in the hospitals in Delhi, and when you click on the figure, you get information about bed availability in every hospital in Delhi. There are 6731 beds in the hospitals, out of which 2819 beds are occupied 3912 are vacant.” The app also shows the availability of ventilators in Delhi hospitals, and the CM said that out of 302 total ventilators in the hospitals, 92 are occupied and 210 are vacant.
CM Kejriwal said that the app will be updated with the latest figures twice a day, morning 10 AM and evening 6 PM. “You can download the app ‘Delhi Corona’ on Google Play Store and access it on the web on, or call on 1031 to know the bed availability status on SMS. You can also WhatsApp on 8800007722 to download the app.”
*If any hospital denies any patient, call at 1031 and special secretary Health will ensure the admission: CM Arvind Kejriwal*
He also said, “If you are denied a bed in a hospital after you went there following accessing all information on the availability of beds in that hospital, you can call on 1031 then and there. Your complaint will be notified to our Special Secretary, Health, and your complaint will be resolved and the bed will be made available to you.”
CM Kejriwal said that But, even if there are more than 20000 COVID cases in Delhi, there are only 2600 patients in Delhi hospitals. Around 6000-7000 people are getting recovered at home, they do not need to be hospitalized.
*If the doctor advises anyone for home isolation then please follow that instrcution: CM*
“It is very important to ensure proper management of this healthcare system to avoid overcrowding of hospitals. If a doctor consults an analysis and says there is no need to be admitted to the hospital and advises you to self-isolate at home because you are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms, please do it. While you are under home isolation, please do not panic. We have appointed a team which will be in regular touch with you and your family. If your condition worsens, you will be immediately transferred to a hospital and bed will be arranged for you.”
The CM said that the app will enable people to know about the availability of beds at the click of a button and the government to bridge the gap of information to the people.

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