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Delhi Covivan Helpline number to help Senior Citizens

Covivan Helpline number Delhi Senior Citizens: Taking its steps forward to maintain law and order in the city, the Delhi Police has taken the unique initiative of starting the Covivan Helpline to help the senior citizens of all areas in the midst of the Covid crisis. However, the initiative has been initiated by the South District Police in a special area which comes under the jurisdiction of Greater Kailash-I Police Station. People have praised the efforts of the police.


Covivan Helpline number Delhi

The South District Police Force has paved the way for helping seniors in posh neighborhoods through the Covivan Helpline (012- 26241077) as a result of the lockdown imposed in the city to check for the Covid increase in household items and other essentials. Are facing problems for

After receiving any call for Covivan through the helpline, the police officers stationed in the van along with the officer of the concerned beat would go to the senior citizens’ house and help them get the required item.

Police officers visiting senior citizens’ home will help older people to buy household goods, medicines and other items which are necessary for them.

Covivan for senior citizens

Covivan provides vaccinations to senior citizens by taking them to nearby immunization centers, where they have made a booking through the Kovin app or the Arogya Setu app.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Dakshin Atul Thakur said, “The vehicle has been donated by SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) for use during the pandemic.”

Thakur said that the information about the introduction of Kovivan in the GK-1 area has been disseminated through the Beat Officers and Resident Welfare Association (RWA).

Covid-19 (Cleanliness, gloves, masks and social distance) is being taken after every trip, the official said.

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