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Movie Review: Appu giving meaningful message in the country’s first 4K animated movie

Rating 3,5 stars

You will not be able to easily believe that it took young filmmaker Sanjay Raheja not one or two but almost five years to make the country’s first ninety-minute long 4K animated film. In the meantime, the Covid crisis was involved, and skilled experienced people from Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai. A team of about 350 members of animation specialists was engaged and now when this cute little elephant Appu has come in front of you, it is a salute to the hard work of all of them and the passion of maker Sanjay Raheja.

This Friday, Appu was released in Hindi and English in more than 200 screens across the country. If you go to watch Appu with your Sonu Meenu, a film giving such a clean and beautiful message, then believe me, along with enjoying the film completely, you all will enjoy the environment, Will also come out of the hall with a meaningful message of protecting wildlife.

Story Plot

Appu, the baby elephant living with his father and friends in the dense forest, may be small but at an early age he has learned the art of facing difficulties and overcoming them. Appu likes to take risks even at a young age. Suddenly one day a team of hunters came to the forest and caught Appu’s father. Now Appu sets out with his friend Doggie Tiger in search of his father. Appu also aims to protect his community. Appu learns that the hunter gang has captured his father and taken him across the mountain. This dangerous search of Appu is risky, in this search the little Mini of the boss of the hunter gang also supports him.

Over All

To make this film simple and pass the test of children and mom and dad, the producer of the film Sanjay Raheja has kept two songs in the background in the film which seem to be a part of the story. The responsibility of direction of the film is given by Prosenjit Ganguly, Ajay Velu and Archisaman. Kar has done it. The makers are calling this film as India’s first 4K animated movie of Appu series, that is, now the story will grow further, a similar story full of exciting events is going to be seen in the film Appu. This animated movie will be released on April 19. It has been produced by Sanjay, Suraj and Suresh Raheja. The responsibility of its direction has been taken up by Prosenjit Ganguly, Ajay Velu and Archisaman Kar. The trailer of this movie has been out recently. It tells an adventurous story of a small elephant Appu. The special thing about the film is that it is India’s first 4K animated movie of Appu series.

Why See

This first film of Appu series gives a good message of conservation of wild animals and forests. It also makes us all feel the pain of the animals living in dense forests. Appu is releasing simultaneously in Hindi and English.

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