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New cases of Covid decrease in Maharashtra, deaths have increased, so far more than 83 thousand died

Mumbai | In Maharashtra, the new infection of Covid-19 remained below the level of 30,000 and in Mumbai, it went below the level of 1,000, but the death toll in the state has crossed 83,00, health officials said on Tuesday. . The death toll in the state rose to 679, compared to 516 deaths on Monday, taking the death toll to 83,777.

The number of fresh cases remained below the 30,000 level, but has now risen to 28,438 from 26,616 on Monday, taking the total number of cases to 54,33,506.

The situation in Mumbai has improved. For the first time in two months, new cases came down to four digits. There were 1,232 cases reported on Monday, 961 on Tuesday, while the total number of infected in the city increased to 690,023. The total number of deaths in the country’s commercial capital has increased to 14,316, reducing the number of deaths from 48 on Monday to 44 on Tuesday.

After five days, the death rate in the state has again come down from 1.53 percent to 1.54 percent, while the number of active cases has now come down to 419,727.

A total of 52,898 fully cured patients – again more than the number of fresh infections – returned home, taking the total to 49,27,480, while the recovery rate increased from 90.19 percent to 90.69 percent.

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