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Pakistani bride and Indian groom married online

Jaipur: A bride from Pakistan and a groom from Rajasthan in India got married online and all the nikah rituals were performed virtually.

A qazi officiated the marriage and the bride present in Karachi said: “Qubool hai”.

This special online marriage took place in Jodhpur on Wednesday.

Arbaaz, the younger son of Jodhpur-based contractor Mohammad Afzal, has married a Pakistani woman, Ameena.

The marriage was to take place in Karachi but due to the non-availability of a visa, the nikah was done online. In this unique wedding, the family members of Arbaaz and Ameena performed online rituals.

Both families were connected through video conference. Two large LED screens along with laptops were also installed at the venue. The groom’s father Mohammad Afzal said that the bride would come to Jodhpur from Pakistan.

“The girls there and their families also want to get married in Jodhpur. We have relatives there as well. Now we will prepare for the visa. It is convenient for normal families like us to get married online as it also costs less. If you apply for a visa with (marriage certificate), it will be easily available.”

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