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Palestine Demonstration in Goslar attracts around 200 peaceful participants

Goslar, Germany – In a display of solidarity and Palestine-Israel war ceasefire, Goslar witnessed a peaceful Pro-Palestine demonstration, bringing together people from all walks of life to voice their support for the Palestinian cause. The event took place without any reported incidents, highlighting the community’s commitment to peaceful expression and unity.

Participants expressed their solidarity with Palestine through speeches, banners, and chants that conveyed a clear message of support for the people of Palestine. The event’s organizers stressed the importance of raising awareness about the ongoing genocide happening to the Palestinian community.

The protest was organized by a group of men from a mosque in Goslar. Before the start of the demonstration in Goslar, police presence was there and they were wearing riot gear with sticks in their hands. The kids were also present with their parents. This atmosphere was terrifying for the kids especially.

Palestine Demonstration in Goslar
Palestine Demonstration in Goslar

For the children attending the protest, the sight of police officers in special gear was intimidating. Parents were worried about providing a safe environment for their kids while taking part in this important event that showed support for Palestine.

Police were yelling at the organizers because they were reading the rules in Arabic language but they were interrupted by police at the corner, However, the organizers usually translate the Arabic version to the German version every time. Rules need to be read out loud by the organizers before the start of the demonstration. This had been done to ensure that all attendees, regardless of their linguistic background, could understand the rules and guidelines for the event.

The protest in Goslar brought together people from various backgrounds, including human rights activists, local residents, and supporters of the Palestinian cause. They all shared a common goal – to shed light on the ongoing crisis in the Middle East.

One of the protestors said, “I urge the german government to condemn Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of Gaza and to cut all ties with Israel. The need to join the UN-call for a ceasefire and to demand for the Palestinian people to get their land and sovereignty back.”

At the protest, the speakers mainly addressed the Israeli war crimes of the past couple of days. Of course, the history regarding the Nakba was mentioned as well but the main focus was definitely on the bombings of hospitals and the cutting of the internet and phone service in Gaza. Both the German media and the German government were criticized for standing with Israel and being complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people. The Muslim community was also addressed and urged to continue protesting and posting about Palestine in the future. Duas were made for Palestine in German and Arabic and Surah al Fatiha from the holy book Quran was also read by the protestors for the deceased.

Participants used speeches, banners, and chants to show their strong support for the people of Palestine who have been facing tough challenges. The protest also stressed the need to address this ongoing crisis, often referred to as a humanitarian crisis.

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