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This bridge of UP is ‘Cursed’, 1000 people committed suicide

Prayagraj Shaapit or cursed bridge: Its name is Yamuna new pul. It connects Prayagraj with Naini. Pul was built in the year 2000, since then thousands of people have committed suicide here.

By the way, in modern times it is difficult to believe things like ghosts or cursed people. Despite this, there are many people in the country who still believe in these superstitions. It is called as Shaapit Bridge by the natives living there.

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Only then a bridge located in Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh is considered as ‘cursed Bridge’. Suicide Point has been there for the last two decades. In 20 years, more than 1000 people have given their lives by jumping from this bridge. So people hesitate to come here at night.

This bridge was built in Uttar Pradesh to connect Prayagraj with Naini. Its name is Yamuna Bridge. But people are ‘damned’. Hence it is now now known as Suicide Bridge. People say that this bridge provokes suicide.

Only then people commit suicide here due to desperation of life. This bridge was built in the year 2000. Due to the construction of this bridge, people going towards Mirzapur and Madhya Pradesh were relaxed.

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The new Yamuna bridge of Prayagraj falls within the boundary of Naini and Kidganj Police Station. The northern part of the bridge is at Kidganj and the southern part is at Naini. There is a lot of boundary dispute in the accidents occurring here. Due to this, many times the investigation of the case is not able to proceed. This bridge has taken many lives in Prayagraj. Its still a mystery of cursed or shaapit bridge of Prayagraj.

A lawyer had filed a PIL in the Allahabad High Court with a view to curbing the suicides that took place on the bridge. In which he demanded forging of both sides of the bridge. However, in response to this, NHAI, the maintenance company of the bridge, argued that due to the additional load on the bridge, it can break. This can cause damage to life and property.

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