Thursday, May 26, 2022
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The Prime Minister was greeted with a spray of flowers and colors

Varanasi The political battle of UP Assembly elections has now reached its final stage. The Prime Minister started the roadshow from his parliamentary constituency Banaras after the public meeting in Mirzapur today. During this, the people of Kashi welcomed the PM with an open heart. Spraying of colors with flowers. Wherever PM’s convoy started, people were found waiting for him with flower garlands. Enthusiastic people also welcomed PM with Gulal’s showers in many places.

Prime Minister Modi’s roadshow slowly moved forward in the streets of Benaras. PM Modi continued to accept greetings. A wave of happiness was seen among the BJP workers.

Meanwhile, BJP workers were welcoming Modi by playing drums. Modi was shaking hands and accepting greetings.

The roadshow reached Kabirchaura from Maldahiya via Lahurabir, Piplani Katra at 5 pm. On the other hand, after five o’clock, when the roadshow of Ramkatora Chauraha PM reached, Batuk standing at Ramkatora Chauraha was seen chanting mantras in the reception of PM. On the other hand, when the roadshow reached Saroja Palace, lyricist KD Dubey and singer Dr. Amlesh Shukla appeared.

Voting is to be held in the seventh and final round in Varanasi. Therefore, in the last round of eight assembly seats of Varanasi in Varanasi Cantt, Varanasi Dakshini, Varanasi North, Ajagra, Shivpur, Rohania, Pindra and Sevapuri, PM’s roadshow created an electoral atmosphere in favor of BJP. On behalf of the party, the office bearers of these assembly seats were also engaged in making the roadshow grand.

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