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The task of the NDA government in its third term will be to root out corruption: PM Modi

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the victory of the NDA alliance in the Lok Sabha elections as the victory of the world’s largest democracy.

He said that in the last 10 years, the government has taken many unprecedented decisions in the interest of the country. In the third term, the country will write a chapter of new decisions, and this is Modi’s guarantee. In the third term, the NDA government will focus a lot on uprooting all kinds of corruption.

While addressing the party workers at the BJP’s central office expansion, PM Modi said that if 21st century India has to move forward, then it will have to continuously attack corruption. Digital India and technology have closed many ways of corruption. But it is also true that the fight against corruption is becoming more difficult day by day.

PM Modi said that the victory of the NDA alliance in the Lok Sabha elections is the victory of the world’s largest democracy, unwavering loyalty to the Constitution of India, the pledge of developed India and the mantra of Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas. This is the victory of 140 crore Indians.

The voters of Jammu and Kashmir have shown unprecedented enthusiasm by casting record votes in this election and have shown the mirror to the forces that are defaming India all over the world. He said that this is an emotional moment for him. This was his first election after the death of his mother, but believe me, crores of mothers, sisters, and daughters of the country did not let him feel the absence of his mother. Wherever he went across the country, mothers, sisters, and daughters gave him unprecedented affection and blessings.

PM Modi further said that today is Bada Mangal. On this holy day, the NDA government is sure to be formed for the third time in a row. Even the opposition parties together could not win as many seats as the BJP alone has won in this Lok Sabha election. Explaining the importance of the victory in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, he said that for the first time after the year 1962, a government is coming back for the third time after completing its two terms.

After six decades, the voters of the country have created a new history. After six decades, an alliance, i.e., the NDA alliance, has been given the opportunity to serve the country for the third time in a row. This unbreakable bond of trust with the people is a great strength of democracy.

Expressing his gratitude to the people of the country for the mandate, he said that he is very grateful to the people who have expressed their faith in the NDA for the third consecutive time. This is an unprecedented moment in the history of India. Wherever assembly elections were held in the states, the NDA has got a grand victory, be it Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha or Sikkim.

He salutes the countrymen for this love and blessings. He is very grateful to the people that the countrymen have expressed full faith in the BJP, the NDA.

Congratulating the Election Commission of the country for conducting elections in the country in a fair manner, PM Modi said that he respectfully salutes every voter of the country, the people on this holy festival of victory. He also congratulates all the parties and all the candidates across the country.

This huge success of democracy was not possible without the active participation of everyone. He also heartily thanks every BJP NDA worker. He saluted the people, mentioning the victory in many states of the country including the formation of BJP’s state government in Odisha, victory in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, victory in Andhra Pradesh under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu and Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar.

PM Modi also thanked the BJP and NDA workers for their hard work. PM Modi further said that 10 years ago when the country gave the mandate to the NDA for change. At that time, the country had sunk into the depths of despair. The young generation of the country had become apprehensive about its future. Then the country entrusted the NDA with the responsibility of extracting pearls of hope from the deep sea of ​​​​despair.

Everyone tried and worked with full sincerity. In 2019, expressing faith in this effort, the country again gave a massive mandate. After this, the tenure of the NDA became a guarantee of development and legacy. In 2024, with this guarantee, he went to every corner of the country to seek the blessings of the people. In the third term, India has to be made the third largest economy in the world.

Earlier, BJP President JP Nadda thanked the countrymen and crores of voters of the country for forming the NDA government for the third time and said that whether it is the time of elections, it is about leading the country and taking the country out of problems, PM Narendra Modi has always worked to take the country and the people of the country forward.

The NDA alliance is united under the leadership of PM Modi and the NDA workers are ready to work hard to realize the resolve of a developed India under his leadership. He heartily congratulates all the NDA partner parties and all the BJP workers who have made tireless efforts and brought victory to the NDA. He was also welcomed by Gujarat Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the stage.

After his address, PM Modi also discussed the election results by holding a meeting with other leaders, including BJP President JP Nadda, Amit Shah, and Rajnath Singh, in the central office expansion itself.

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