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Top 5 fashion magazines to follow for latest trendy look

In this modern age fashion has become the fourth instinct need of human being. It links with culture, values and norms in its ancient form. Nowadays people have become conscious about their self-respect and status; they want to keep update their fashionable accessories, clothes. People follow celebrity fashion and love to adopt that celebrities are doing. In such circumstances Indian fashion magazines are plays most important role by covering Indian fashion, lifestyle and fashion shows. There are dozens of Indian and international fashion magazines educating Indians on fashion. So, today we have brought the top Indian fashion and lifestyle magazines.


1. Vogue


Vogue is an American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine covering many topics including fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway based in New York City. Vogue began as a weekly newspaper, first published based in New York City in 1892 in the United States, before becoming a monthly publication years later. This is like the ultimate magazine of fashion. The name “Vogue” says it all. If you want to know about all the new trends and every aspect of fashion, then this is the magazine for you. Its Indian edition is known to be the Best Ever Fashion Magazine of India with the highest readership rate. It was the first 100% foreign-owned magazine released in India.

2. Femina


Femina is an Indian magazine owned by Worldwide Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Times Group. Femina has been published for almost six decades and it is the oldest women’s English magazine in the country . It has evolved to cover a broad spectrum of topics, including relationships, career, fashion, beauty, and women achievers who have left a mark in their chosen field. Femina India has many followers on twitter, instagram and facebook. This magazine was founded in 1959. It was first published in July 1959. Its publication over the years has extended to other languages such as Hindi, Bengali and Tamil, besides English.

3. Woman’s Era

Woman’s Era

Woman’s era is one of the leading brands of Delhi Press Magazines. It is a very popular magazine, covering many topics related to fashion, cookery, articles, contests, serial episode, poem, health, people. It includes poems and short stories. It is the second most popular women’s magazine after Femina, with an All India Index of 80 as surveyed by the Indian Readership Survey. It was first published in 1973 by Vishwanath under his publishing house, the Delhi Press. Divesh Nath has been the managing editor of the magazine since 2002. Now it has become one of the largest selling english magazines in India for woman. The magazine has 5 short stories which provide insight in to the women’s world and the Indian family.

4. Elle


Elle is the desi version of the worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin by the same name. It means ‘she’ or ‘her’ in French. A few years into publishing, it started a campaign slogan that translated into ‘If she reads, she reads Elle’, which gained traction and slowly turned it into the giant it is today.
The first issue came out in December 1996 and has been a hit ever since. The magazine is published by Ogaan Publications Pvt. Ltd. Ogaan is based in Mumbai and has offices in New Delhi and Bangalore. Though the taste is definitely French, the designs are essentially Indian and this maybe the reason why we welcomed it with open arms into our living rooms. Having started in the United States, Elle is now published in 44 countries with a focus on fashion and all other things exciting for women.

5. Verve


Verve is India’s premier and only home-grown luxury and lifestyle magazine for women that has been in publication since 1995. Verve is a premier luxury and lifestyle magazine, originated at home in Mumbai. It was founded by Anuradha Mahindra, the wife of well-known industrialist, Anand Mahindra. It covers various topics such as woman’s lifestyle, trends, fashion, beauty as well as art, travel, food and the like. A monthly publication, Verve has always focused on unique and in-depth interviews of famous personalities. The magazine has been known for their annual list containing the powerful woman achievers of the respective year, best dressed and the January list of young achievers.



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