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Vice Chancellor released Anoop Lather’s book “Kaal and Taal” at the World Book Fair

New Delhi Vice Chancellor of Delhi University Prof. Yogesh Singh said that saving the culture is a very difficult task. The Vice Chancellor was addressing as the chief guest on the occasion of the release of the book “Kaal Aur Taal” written by Anoop Lathar at the stall of publisher “Kitab Wale” at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi World Book Fair. On this occasion, the author of the book, Anup Lathar, and Prof. SK Saluja, Director of Delhi University South Delhi Campus Prof. Mr. Prakash Singh, Vice Chancellor of Ambedkar University Prof. Anu Singh Lather, publisher of the book Prashant Jain, DU Registrar Dr. Vikas Gupta and many dignitaries were present. Vice Chancellor Prof. Yogesh Singh said in his address that this book is a heritage, the commendable work done by Anoop Lather, SK Saluja and Prashant Jain in saving it is commendable. He said that there can be no better support than books to save the culture.

He said that North-Western India suffered so many attacks from marriages that most of its history has become extinct. In such a situation, Anoop Lather and SK Saluja have done a great job by saving what little culture is left through this book. He said that saving history is a big thing, but before saving ideas in books, it is also necessary to keep in mind that ideas should not be dangerous. That’s why books should be written correctly. He said that the authors have done the work of saving the Haryanvi folk culture in this book in a very simple and accurate way. In this, work has been done to save the popular songs on all the rites and occasions from birth to death. Not only this, the notation of these songs has also been given together to understand the nuances of the music. The Vice Chancellor said that this work would be very helpful for the coming generations. After 100-150 years to come, children will understand through the medium of this book only how these songs were sung. Along with this, he said that books work to save the culture and soul of the nation, so inculcate the habit of reading books only then one will be able to write.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Anup Lathar, the author of the book “Kaal Aur Taal”, welcomed all the guests. On this hour, he gave detailed information about the background of the book. He told that a lot has happened on the folk culture of many states, but this has not happened in Haryana. He told that the idea of writing this book came about 30 years ago. Then the work of compiling folk songs was done. Music connoisseur Prof. regarding the singing of those songs. SK Saluja prepared the notations. In this way this collection of 150 songs was prepared. He said that this book will prove to be a great gift for the coming generations. On this occasion, Director of South Delhi Campus, Prof. Shri Prakash Singh and Vice Chancellor of Ambedkar University Prof. Many dignitaries including Anu Singh Lather addressed. The publisher of the book, Prashant Jain thanked everyone at the end of the function.


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