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Virtual school model will be launched in Delhi

New Delhi | Technology is being adopted in Delhi’s education system with the introduction of Delhi’s first virtual school model. This will be a unique experiment of its kind in India. This virtual school will be similar to any other regular government school in the city, where students, teachers, regular teaching-learning activities, assessment and, most importantly, will provide holistic education to its students. This information was given by Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Sunday. A program on mental health and social-emotional learning was organized at the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference. The Delhi government here said that at the time of the epidemic, staying at home was a major setback. During this time there was also a lot of loss of children’s education, there was uncertainty about the future of people and many people also lost their jobs.

At this event, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, “There is a dire need to bring flexibility in our daily lives through education. At the time of the pandemic, staying at home was a big shock in itself. During this time there was also a lot of loss of children’s education. , There was an uncertainty about the future among the people and many people also lost their jobs. These were difficult times for all and our tolerance played an important role in getting out of this difficult time. ”

Sisodia said that to develop a better lifestyle among children, we developed the Happiness Curriculum and encouraged students and teachers to practice ‘mindfulness’. Our Happiness Curriculum aims to develop self-awareness and mindfulness, critical thinking and scientific skills in children, teach students how to communicate effectively and help them teach life skills to deal with stressful and adverse situations around them.

Nearly 4 lakh students helped create an emotionally strong environment in their homes by practicing mindfulness and various activities. Through Happiness Curriculum, the environment and society are being encouraged to develop long-term approaches to better mental health.

Sisodia said, “The biggest takeaway technique for public education after Corona is this. Keeping this in mind we need to quickly adapt technology to our education system and encourage its use.”

On the topic of building long-lasting flexible systems beyond Governance and Leadership, the Deputy Chief Minister said, “Leadership means working with all stakeholders with their support. Delhi’s leadership is not just top-down leadership, it is Is also more collaborative. ”

He said, “When we were developing Happiness Curriculum, it was ensured that our teachers had a big role in it, all their recommendations would be heard.”

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