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VK Singh former Army Chief: Clash between Indian-Chinese soldiers due to fire in tent

Union minister VK Singh former army chief have made a big claim regarding violent clashes of Indian-Chinese soldiers in the India China Galvan attack of Ladakh. Singh said that a mysterious fire in tent broke out between the Indo-China troops in Galvan Valley. These fires were set in tents of Chinese soldiers.

The Union Minister said that Indian soldiers were enraged by the sudden fire in tent. He said that at the moment it is difficult to say what the Chinese soldiers had kept in the tent, due to which it caught fire. However, VK Singh’s claim is quite contrary to what was said by the Indian troops that the tents were uprooted and thrown at the point of not retreating from the Chinese soldiers. India China attack was seen last week.

VK Singh former army chief :Why China wants to seize patrolling point 14

Speaking to a news channel, VK Singh former army chief said that we have an area of seven to eight kilometers of the Galvan River, where the Petrolings Point 14 is located. He said that the area of Petrolings Point 14 has been with India since 1962.

Singh said that the dispute started when a road was built along the Shyok River. This road runs to Dolat Beg Oldi. He told that earlier it used to take 15 days to reach here, but after the road is built, this distance can be completed in two days.

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The Union Minister said that the Chinese soldiers could not see this road, after which the Chinese soldiers entered Indian territory and set up tents. At the same time, Indian soldiers stopped them on this action of Chinese soldiers.

Singh said that after the incident, talks between the two sides took place. First, there was a dialogue at the commanding officer level, in which no solution was found. Then talks were held at the general level, there was no solution in this either. Ultimately it was decided at the Lieutenant General level talks that the two sides would be stationed before June 15.

China did not remove the tent due to petrol point 14, a dispute over it

VK Singh said that on the night of June 15, when Commanding Officer Santosh Babu reached Petrol Point Point 14, he found that China had not removed the tent from there. Actually, the tent was put in place by China to see if the Indian Army went back.

He said that when there was talk of going after the two in the conversation, Santosh Babu asked the Chinese soldiers to remove him. According to VK Singh, the Chinese jawans were removing the tent that suddenly caught fire. However, it is not yet clear what the Chinese had kept in the tent. Singh said that it was only after this that there was an argument between the soldiers first which then led to violent clashes.

The former army chief said that during the skirmish, Chinese troops called for more soldiers. On this, India also called its additional soldiers. He said that violent clashes took place between the two sides, in which 20 soldiers of the Indian side were martyred. At the same time, 43 Chinese casualties also occurred in this incident. He said that the number of casualties of Chinese soldiers may also be high.



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