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When 124 Indian soldiers killed 1300 Chinese soldiers in Ladakh…Click to know the whole matter!

1962 Rezangala war: After almost 5 decades, soldiers of India and China are once again face to face. China has seen the bravery of Indian soldiers only in the year 1962, when only 124 soldiers of Ahirwal had put 1300 Chinese soldiers to death. The glory of the war at Rejangala Post, located on the snowy peak of Ladakh, is unique in the world’s war history.

Indian Army wrote history on the Rezangla Post

In 1962, 114 soldiers were martyred out of 124 jawans of the then 13 Kumaon battalions in this war at Rejangala Post. These soldiers killed 1300 Chinese soldiers. Despite being accustomed to the geographical conditions and the icy weather, our soldiers defeated them fiercely. The situation was not favorable for our troops from the plains. We were also nineteen in arms. Perhaps the bravery of Indian soldiers has been forgotten and that is why it is testing the patience of Indian soldiers on the border.

November 18 has been recorded in history

On the night of 17 November 1962, when the contact of these jawans, who were holding the front at the icy peak of Rejangala, was severed from the battalion headquarters, the situation became very critical. Earlier in the morning, India’s war with China started at four in the morning on November 18. There was no means of contact, so no one could get information about the historical war going on at the Rejangala post.

Chinese soldiers trembled after seeing the passion of Indian soldiers

At the same time, the Chinese army was scared after seeing the valor of the Indian soldiers in the war on 18 thousand feet high post. At the same time, during the war, only 122 Indian soldiers killed 1300 soldiers showing courage.

At the same time, while honoring the bravery shown on the Rezangla post, the Government of India had posthumously awarded the Company’s Commander Major Shaitan Singh with the Param Vir Chakra, the highest gallantry award medal of the country, while eight other soldiers of the same battalion were awarded the Veer Chakra, four Army Medal and one was awarded the Mention in Dispatch. Apart from this, 13 Kumaon Commanding Officers (CO) were decorated with AVSM.

No battalion received so many medals

No single battalion has received so many medals of bravery in military history. The government later renamed the company as Rejangala Company. Major Shaitan Singh PVC was the Bhati Rajput of Jodhpur, who was martyred in the Rezangla war. While nursing assistant Dharampal Singh Dahiya (Vir Chakra) was from the Jat family of Sonepat. The cleaning worker of the company was from Punjab. All the remaining soldiers were Veer Ahirs and most of them were residents of Rewari, Mahendragarh and Border Alwar.

Let us tell you that there was a clash between China and Indian soldiers on the night of 15-16, in which 20 soldiers including an Indian Army officer have been killed.



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