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Depression is not a havoc…Read this Emotional story!

Riya started living very sad for many days. Three days then six days and a week passed. But Riya did not feel anything better from inside. In the beginning, everyone felt that her mood is worse than anything or it may be that she is hiding something. But gradually Riya began to suffer more severely. He would like to cry more and more or to sleep more than before. The extent of this happened when Riya quit reading books, because it was her most favorite work. Eventually, a friend of Riya identified all these symptoms of depression and after consulting at home, Riya was taken to a professional psychologist, where it was found out that Riya was really suffering from depression. She was literally stuck somewhere in the lumps of her mind!

This story may be imaginary to all of you, but it is true today. Today, many people in the country are struggling with depression. It is fighting a war. Depression is similar to a common illness, in which it is necessary to seek the opinion of a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. Whenever the onset of depression, everyone thinks that that person will just be upset about something or we think that his mood will be bad. If within two or four days, his mood does not change, then the householders even start saying that ‘You have become a habit of sitting on your mouth’! What has happened to him, everything becomes more difficult for him. In such a situation, we ignore depression in the first step, our effort to keep it under control continues. So that our people do not feel bad or feel uncomfortable because of us. But if symptoms are noticed beforehand, it becomes easier to handle.

Symptoms of depression

There are different types of symptoms of depression like sleeping more or getting less sleep than before. Previously, there was no mind in those things which were in mind. Feeling tired. Grow pessimistic Feeling nervous. Feeling anxious Feel like being alone. Repeated feeling of crying and sudden weight loss or gain. All these are symptoms of depression. It is believed that if the person feels all these symptoms for more than two weeks, it means that you are more likely to develop depression. So it is good that in the early stages of depression, we step forward to help. In such a situation, depression can be controlled at the first stage.

The kind of attitude society keeps on depression makes it just a bogeyman.

Depression Perceptions

Many people are unable to move forward to help in the first phase of depression because the perceptions related to it weaken the person further. In addition, depression is often exaggerated.

The person who is struggling before this is made to feel ashamed. Strange things are done, like – ‘Hey! depression? No-no, why would you have depression? ”Or to say‘ what? Do you want to go to a psychiatrist? You are a little bit crazy who will go there? ”Mental illness is considered confusing and a taboo subject with‘ madness ’. After hearing all these things the scattered mind gets further shattered. The courage and courage to step down is reduced. This is the reason that many people take their step forward much later.

The kind of attitude society keeps on depression makes it just a bogeyman. While depression can happen to anyone and its treatment is also not difficult. Provided that you are alert in the beginning time and take steps to help. The way the society makes it hot is the same as just sit inside and hide everything, because you should not tell your mind to someone outside. Such an attitude only serves to intimidate the Depression into a very formidable form!

A recent WHO report states that India is the most depressed country in the world, overtaking the US and China. Maximum cases of anxiety, schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder disorders have been found in India. In such a situation, to say that depression is just a disease of rich people or has come from another country. But in reality these things which blindly deceive themselves are childish. If we do not make depression and see it from the point of view of humanity and understand it with simplicity in a common way, perhaps we will be able to help any person and also help ourselves. All we need is maturity and sensitivity.


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